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Although I must say that I slept rather well, I somehow woke up very early but not early enough apparently coz I missed out on a beautiful sunrise. The sun was already there, but still feeling so tired, I just took a few pictures and guess what, I returned to my cosy bed and slept for a few hours more!

Yes I know, I am unbelievable, but hey I needed a goodnight’s rest coz after days working till late in the evening at my brother’s house, my body seemed to need a break. And to be honest, I wasn’t the only one!

After a sturdy breakfast the three of us wanted to have a look around the area of Sliema. Since this was going to be a very relaxing holiday, we decided to go with the flow and today was definitely going to be that day.

Our first goal of the day was the harbor area. I read somewhere that it was possible to visit the capital city by ferry and since this was going to be our destination for tomorrow, I wanted to be a bit prepared and second of all, it was just a fun walk.

The thing that wasn’t all that fun, were the many sales people (can you call them that ???) along the way. They kept on harassing us and after saying „not interested” for the 10th or even 20th time, I guess they finally realized we weren’t going to buy one of their many excursions.

We quickly found the docking area of the ferry and after we memorized the hours of departure, we walked further along the boardwalk of Sliema while gazing at the beautiful city that is Valetta.

I have to admit that I stopped more than once just to take pictures and to remember myself that I was actually here. In the past I had read books about this great city, but never in the back of my mind I thought I was going to visit it some day and now I was finally here.

Amazing, is the only word I could think of at that particular moment.

Seeing all this beauty, my dad decided it was time to have a little break and after having a nice drink at the new shopping mall, called The Point, we walked further along the boulevard of Sliema, passing a few pictoresque bays such as Exiles Bay, Balluta Bay and St. Julian’s Bay only to end up at Spinola Bay way in the afternoon and lots of “break” stops later.


As it was getting dark soon, we walked in a slow pace back towards Sliema and although the scenery never failed to bore me, I had some problems with the cold wind that was blowing from time to time.

I guess that is normal when you visit the island this time of the year, but still, I expected a little bit more warmth to be honest.

Luckily the restaurants were the place to be to have some of that warmth, especially when you ordered some hot food! :)

As the day was coming to an end, we had one last stroll in the area and decided to call it a day when we suddenly noticed something cool next to our hotel.

Based next to the hotel was Bubbles, Dr. Fish foot Spa and although I must admit that I was a bit surprised seeing it still open at 23 PM, (I guess business is business), after having a nice conversation with the friendly girls I could see that my mum was keen on trying this one out, so I just let her have her few minutes of fun.

Once back at the hotel, I got tired very quickly and had dificulties with keeping my eyes open. I guess the warm temperatures in the room had something to do with that coz in no time I just fell asleep … or maybe I was just simply tired after a day of doing nothing / walking and just gazing at the many sceneries. Who knows!?

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Somehow we managed to avoid all the salesmen on our visit, well we didn't visit Sliema, it can be that or that we were visiting so late in the season..:)
Holiday is just not an holiday without the "Break" stops! :D

by hennaonthetrek

this can be a reason ... thanks for reading my blog. It has been a while, but I must say that I really liked the island, but when I happen to go there again, I think I will go when it is a bit warmer!

by Ils1976

I can vouch for September, the weather was perfect, for me anyway, it was warm in the day, little bit cooler at the night but not too cool and the water was warm so you wouldn't freeze when you did a dip :) one day it tried to rain but other wise, sun, sun and sun :)

by hennaonthetrek

And it's nice to read about someone elses experiences in the same place! :)

by hennaonthetrek


by Ils1976

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