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Since we were going to be picked up at noon, we just enjoyed our time with sleeping in, eating breakfast or should I say brunch and as soon as we were checked out, we had one last look at the rocky coastline.

I must admit, it was a lazy holiday and we weren’t always very active, but it was fun enough for me.
Malta is really worth visiting and together with nice memories and thousands of pictures, this for me was a trip well worth it.

We arrived back in Brussels early in the evening where my brother awaited us to bring us back home.

The first thing my mum and I did when we were back home, was making coffee and reminisce about the past week, it's the little things that make life worth living for that's for sure!

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View Malta - 2014 on Ils1976's travel map.

I must admit that I have been looking forward to this holiday for quite some time now. I guess I could say this about every upcoming holiday, but this time it was more true than ever.

Work was just insane the last couple of weeks and this one week holiday break was just there at the right time. I was questioning myself and my work and the last couple of days I was even in doubt if I would pursue this all together. I guess I can say without a doubt, this short breakaway came at the right time!

Since me and my parents weren’t leaving for Malta till late in the evening, we had more than time enough to slowly prepare ourselves for the upcoming holiday.

I myself, just enjoyed the fact that I could sleep in and after a late breakfast, I slowly gathered all my stuff which I needed for next week, I even found a bit of time to help my brother with some renovating works at his farmhouse.

Back home again, me and my parents had a quick lunch and then it was time to go to the airport. Since my brother still had lots of work at his house, we decided to go to the airport using public transport.

I was lucky to search the internet first coz I quickly learned that there were works and instead of going with the train from our village, we needed to get another train from a city near us.

About 2 hours later we arrived at the airport and to my surprise I must say that it wasn’t all that busy, maybe the fact that it was already past 4 PM had something to do with that, or maybe because it was Saturday, I don’t really know, but the three of us gained from the slow business and easily found a seat at the local Starbucks, what a great way to start your holiday.

We didn’t had to wait all that long for check-in either and as soon as that was over and done with, we walked all the way to our designated gate, making sure we visited a few shops along the way.

A little after 7 PM we could finally board and before we even knew it, we were airborne and the only thing that went through my mind at that moment was … Malta here we come!

3 hours later we set foot on Maltese soil and it was really a pity that our first glance was a dark one. To be honest, there wasn’t all that much to see at 10 PM.

Since we booked this trip through an organization, we didn’t had to hassle with finding the right transport to our hotel and instead in just a few minutes the three of us together with about 12 other people were on our way towards Sliema and other destinations I didn’t even have a clue off.

I must admit that I don’t exactly remember much of the trip coz I was just so tired, and more times than one I dozed off, but I do remember leaving the airport and getting on the highway as well as driving through numerous little streets and about half an hour or maybe even more we arrived at the Preluna & Spa hotel, our home base for the next week.

Check-in went rather fast, but I guess this had something to do with the late hour, there aren’t exactly lots of people checking in at almost 11 PM are there!?

Our room is situated on the 8th floor and I guess we have an excellent view on the ocean, but at night time, there isn’t so much to see and I am just looking into one black void if you can call it that.

After a nice hot shower, I carefully crawled into my folding bed, I was completely knackered.

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